Released 2014-09-26
0002852: [with SOGo] Undefined reply status when inviting an attendee with an iOS device (ludovic)
0002936: [Web Mail] UTF8 subject stops loading folder (or complete account) (ludovic)
0002923: [Web Calendar] Timezone problem when booking weekly (ludovic)
0000589: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] With Apple iCal completed TODOs where not completed in sogo (ludovic)
0002889: [Backend Calendar] Problem with repeating events with a time change (e.g. standard time after 26. Oktober 2014) (ludovic)
0002838: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Calender deletion with umlauts (äöü) not working under iCal (6.0/7.0) (ludovic)
0002894: [Backend Address Book] Collected email addresses not including display name (ludovic)
0002879: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] No "Check Availability" Button in iCal 7.0 (ludovic)
0002878: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] No busy/free status in iCal 7.0 (ludovic)
0002493: [Backend Calendar] sync-token property not returned in PROPFIND (ludovic)
0002727: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Calender subscription problem / CalDav OS X 10.9 (ludovic)
0002837: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] iCal 7.0 (OSX 10.9.4) delegation bug (ludovic)
0002705: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Delegated Calendars Appear as Users Own Calendar (ludovic)
0001335: [Apple iPhone OS] problems syncing event reminder from iPad to SOGo (ludovic)
0001920: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Events created with reminders in iCal 5.0.3 and 6.0 appear to have no reminder in Web Calendar. (ludovic)
0002160: [Web Calendar] Problem on recurrent tasks (ludovic)
0001971: [Web Calendar] Can not set reminder on tasks (ludovic)
0001445: [Web Calendar] repeat a task (ludovic)
0002326: [Backend Calendar] Some caldav client doesn't set privacy setting a default one could be great (ludovic)
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