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0001189SOGoBackend Mailpublic2016-08-02 14:33
Reporteredform Assigned Toludovic  
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Product Version1.3.5 
Fixed in Version3.0.2 
Summary0001189: Sub-folder deletion is weird

Create subfolder of inbox and then try to delete it. The subfolder becomes a subfolder of Trash in the normal way. Then try to empty trash and the system says trash cannot be emptied.

Add a couple of deleted emails to trash and then try to empty trash and it works removing the formerly undeletable subfolder as well.

I have reinstalled the whole server from scratch and added SOGo twice and the same behaviour occurs each time.

Additional Information

Sogo installed on SME server. Mail store is based on Dovecot. Server has Horde installed as standard and the problem occurs whether Horde webmail is turned on or disabled.

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2011-06-21 09:54

reporter   ~0002611

We have a similar issue where I cant delete folders that are in the Trash Folder using Sogo webmail. We using a Courier IMAP system if that helps.

Adding other emails to aid deleting folders in trash doesn't help me though, the Folders can still not be deleted.



2016-02-09 20:52

administrator   ~0009485

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sogo: v2 9ecee32d

2016-02-09 15:46


Committer: francis

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(fix) delete mailbox from the Trash folder

Fixes 0000595, 0001189, 0000641
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0000595, 0000641, 0001189
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