Released 2022-05-04
0005512: [Web Calendar] Current time red line does not respect SOGo timezone (francis)
0005441: [Web Calendar] Sorting calendar events - searching for past events function missing (francis)
0005506: [Web Calendar] Problem on event/task with annual repetition (francis)
0004042: [Web Mail] cannot enter names with Russian Be or Zhe letters (treated as separators) (francis)
0003513: [Web Mail] "To" field automatically add address when "@" is writed into field on Chrome and Safari (francis)
0005309: [Web Mail] Automatic tag completion when typing Russian letters (Ж, Б) (francis)
0005507: [Backend Address Book] LDIFF contacts import never close connections to database (francis)
0004930: [Web General] SOGO and search engine robots (francis)
0005351: [Web Mail] JSON encode break with particular text in mail subject (francis)
0005492: [Web Calendar] Since update ( ) of nightly packages on Ubuntu 20.04 AD group membership is not working anymore (francis)
0005495: [Backend Calendar] Invalid charset name in WebDAV response content-type header. 'utf8' instead of 'utf-8' (francis)
0005485: [Web Mail] If password >135chars, login fails (francis)
0005486: [ActiveSync] xml2wbxmlFromContent: failed: Parsing of XML Document Failed (francis)
0000033: [Web Mail] Forwarding several mails in one message. (francis)
0005479: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool Sieve operations cause IMAP authentication failures (francis)
0005482: [Backend Mail] Empty Junk folder action does not work (francis)
0005363: [Web Mail] Template folders in the web interface (francis)
0004320: [Web Mail] Feature request : Mail templates (francis)
0005478: [Web Mail] some mailto: links not working when mailaddress is empty (francis)
0005477: [Web Mail] Message displayed empty with certain content type (francis)
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