Released 2010-09-21
0000734: [Backend General] IDFieldName field not guaranteed to be read if bindFields is used (wsourdeau)
0000817: [Web Calendar] User name and email always appended to shared calendar name when editing properties (francis)
0000554: [Backend Mail] email address headers with a display name containing a "@" seems badly interpreted (wsourdeau)
0000762: [Web Address Book] Picture broken on Apple vCard import (wsourdeau)
0000218: [Web Mail] When an SMTP error occurs, SOGo should display a nice error message, rather than crashing abruptly (wsourdeau)
0000839: [Backend General] MISMATCH DIFFERENT DB (ludovic)
0000792: [Web Calendar] Wrong alert content when editing an alarm (ludovic)
0000709: [Backend General] iCal permissions not working (ludovic)
0000785: [Backend Calendar] Modification rights on a shared calendar in iCal (ludovic)
0000735: [Backend General] Documentation for "IDFieldName" is incorrect/misleading. (ludovic)
0000807: [Backend General] Debian/Squeeze: Broken control files for most of the packages (ludovic)
0000757: [Web General] User-Agent restriction (Opera not supported) (ludovic)
0000786: [Web Calendar] SOGo crashes with 5000 events (ludovic)
0000103: [Web Mail] Return receipts are not working (ludovic)
0000705: [SOPE] SOPE/SOGo 1.3.0 building problems (wsourdeau)
0000779: [Web Mail] SOGo sends replayed messages 2 times (ludovic)
0000376: [SOPE] "product" loading takes more time depending on the current directory (wsourdeau)
0000715: [Web Mail] Wrong UTF-8-coding of header lines when question mark is at the end (wsourdeau)
0000663: [Web Mail] Quoted printable decoding bug (wsourdeau)
0000558: [Backend Calendar] SOGo demo server is blocking iPhone app access via CalDAV (ludovic)
0000598: [Web Mail] Mail account settings (ludovic)
0000011: [Web Mail] Access to several IMAP accounts (ludovic)
0000270: [Backend Address Book] CardDAV support for Mac OSX Address Book (ludovic)
0000460: [Backend Mail] Patch for IMAP SSL support (ludovic)
0000770: [Backend Calendar] génération de RRULE (francis)
0000802: [Backend Calendar] setting of default roles to access a calendar (francis)
0000486: [Web Calendar] Wrong event when trying to set the previous date
0000827: [Web Mail] Not possible to Reply/Forward using Ukrainian localisation
0000761: [Web General] German localzation is incomplete (or incorrect)
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