Released 2012-05-15
0001535: [Web Calendar] unable to view more than 2 "All day Event"s (ludovic)
0001779: [Web Mail] german translation broken for attached mails (francis)
0001780: [Web Calendar] "Compose E-Mail to ... Attendees" in Event send mail only to first attendee (francis)
0000549: [Web Preferences] Unable to set an alias and/or From: and Reply to: fields (wsourdeau)
0001644: [Web Calendar] Imported recurring event from Zimbra is displayed incorrectly (wsourdeau)
0001767: [Backend General] unescaped backslash in the calendar Postgres (wsourdeau)
0000586: [Web Calendar] Event alarms with a fixed time doesn't show in the web interface (wsourdeau)
0001552: [sogo-tool] sogo-tool remove-doubles SQL error (francis)
0001669: [Backend Calendar] Importing recurring event with single occurencies changed does not work (francis)
0001203: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Order of attributes for RRULE is important in (wsourdeau)
0001769: [Web Mail] Contacts in composition Windows keeps the focus (francis)
0001672: [SOPE] crasher in OGo when creating/deleting a folder on 64Bit platforms (ludovic)
0001671: [SOPE] Replace "uname -p" with "uname -m" in configure script (ludovic)
0001670: [SOPE] Building NGLogSyslogAppender.m with -Werror=format-security fails (ludovic)
0001800: [SOPE] PATCH unsigned int to -> NSUInteger fixes in sope-gdl1/GDLAccess/EOExpressionArray.[h|m] (ludovic)
0001761: [Backend General] GCC 4.7 does no longer provide sel_eq() (ludovic)
0001763: [SOPE] Support GCC 4.7 in SOPE (ludovic)
0001794: [SOPE] Exception in OGo when uploading calendars via GroupDAV (ludovic)
0001702: [Web Mail] selecting same folder for Sent and Drafts causes webui to fail (ludovic)
0001300: [Backend Calendar] Hide UIDFieldName@SOGoMailDomain in calendar-user-address-set - Apple iCal usability (ludovic)
0001752: [Web Calendar] Bad display of repeating appointments (francis)
0001055: [Web Calendar] Day events imported from .ics file are displayed on previous day (ludovic)
0001772: [Backend Calendar] Importing recurring events from Outlook 2010 makes sogo to terminate (ludovic)
0001759: [Backend Calendar] SOGo always crashing when specific record in calendar is present - with RRULE (ludovic)
0000843: [Web Calendar] ics web calendars with https and authentication (wsourdeau)
0000395: [Web General] Groups support for "automatically subscribe user" (ludovic)
0001532: [Backend Calendar] locations and ressources don't auto-accept if added later to an event (ludovic)
0001678: [Backend Calendar] Overbooking of ressources with recurring event possible (ludovic)
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