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0005492SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2022-03-28 18:04
Reporteraoster Assigned Tofrancis  
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Platform[Client] MicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version8
Product Version5.5.1 
Fixed in Version5.6.0 
Summary0005492: Since update ( ) of nightly packages on Ubuntu 20.04 AD group membership is not working anymore

We have been using SOGo for serveral years now with AD integration and have configured several group for shared calender access. We are using the nightly packages for Ubuntu 20.04. Since version AD group membership lookup does not seem to work anymore. This currently breakes shared calendar access for our users. We did not change any SOGo configuration prior to the failure except the package update.

 SOGoUserSources = (
      type = ldap;
      CNFieldName = cn;
      UIDFieldName = sAMAccountName;
      IMAPLoginFieldName = userPrincipalName;
      IDFieldName = cn; 
      bindFields = (sAMAccountName); 
      baseDN = "dc=example,dc=org";
      bindDN = "cn=ldapuser,dc=example,dc=org";
      bindPassword = "securepass";
      canAuthenticate = YES;
      displayName = "Active Directory";
      hostname = "ldap:// ldap://";
      id = directory;
      isAddressBook = NO;

We would need your kind help to identify and fix the cause of this issue.

Thank you for your kind help

Best regards

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2022-03-28 12:38

administrator   ~0015956

I can't reproduce this issue.

Check if the group is properly identified by looking at the ACLs of the calendar:

sogo-tool manage-acl get <owner> Calendar/<calendar> ALL

The group name should be prefixed with @.



2022-03-28 12:57

reporter   ~0015957

Hi Francis,

thank you very much for having a look at our issue.
I have tested with the proposed command and can see, that the groups are listed for the shared calendars.

Rights for @CAL_XXX ["PublicModifier", "ConfidentialModifier", "PrivateModifier", "ObjectCreator", "ObjectEraser"]

However the users who are members of these groups are not able to add the calenders. The calender will not show up in the list of available shared calendars.

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sogo: master 3140a9dc

2022-03-28 17:45


Details Diff
fix(acls): fix SQL conversion for LIKE operator to find groups

Fixes 0005492
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mod - SoObjects/SOGo/SOGoGCSFolder.m Diff File

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