Released 2011-07-14
0001109: [Apple iPhone OS] No sync of new contacts (ludovic)
0001376: [Backend Calendar] Calendar synchronization doesn't work with Thunderbird-2.x (ludovic)
0001365: [Web Calendar] SOGo should not accept empty calendar name (francis)
0001356: [Backend Calendar] Periodic nightly event won't be shown in day/week-view when it is on Sunday (francis)
0001355: [Backend Calendar] SOGo writes DATETIME format in EXDATE for all-day events (francis)
0000481: [Web Address Book] Empty members creating list on address book (francis)
0000809: [Web Preferences] Sieve settings (ludovic)
0000121: [Web Calendar] time range of event, free/busy (ludovic)
0001270: [Web Administration] Manage all sieve filters (ludovic)
0001272: [Web Mail] Empty folders when using a Yahoo Mail account (ludovic)
0001317: [Web Preferences] German Translation PreferencesUI/Mailfilter is a little bit confusing (ludovic)
0001225: [Web Mail] Not possible to read Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary in web GUI (ludovic)
0001309: [Web Calendar] Select a calendar with Chromium (francis)
0001342: [Backend General] bindAsCurrentUser doesn't work using indirect binds (ludovic)
0001327: [SOPE] stringByDeletingLastPathComponent must not be used with URLs (ludovic)
0001344: [Web Preferences] Sieve filter 'reject' generates incorrect script on single-line messages (ludovic)
0001358: [Web Preferences] Mailbox share ACLs - parse of IMAP GETACL fails if name contains a space (ludovic)
0001348: [Web Preferences] Mailbox share ACLs - implement groups (ludovic)
0001323: [Backend Calendar] Reschedule meeting from external user causes SOGo to generate mail FROM the external user (ludovic)
0001318: [Web Calendar] reschedule meeting problem (ludovic)
0001260: [Backend General] remove useless header include in NSString+Utilities.m (ludovic)
0001312: [Web Calendar] DURATION not properly set when changing existing event to all-day event (ludovic)
0000921: [SOPE] SOPE does not compile on Debian ARM platform (ludovic)
0001251: [Web Address Book] Import of exported LDIF don't work with Umlauts (ludovic)
0001294: [SOPE] Sogo restart fails during log rotate (ludovic)
0001262: [SOPE] fix header inclusion in UnixSignalHandler.h (ludovic)
0001034: [Backend General] -f parameter to hostname may not be known on some OS (ludovic)
0001035: [Backend General] On OpenBSD there is no -lcrypt (ludovic)
0001166: [SOPE] WOHTTPURLHandle.m doesn't implement cachedHandleForURL (ludovic)
0000751: [Web Calendar] Exact to the minute events are displayed incorrectly (francis)
0001276: [Web Mail] This email won't be correctly displayed (ludovic)
0000776: [Web Calendar] time zone in Webinterface (ludovic)
0001301: [Backend Calendar] iPhone title edit causes calendar shift (ludovic)
0001259: [Backend General] No libmemcached2 provided for Debian Lenny (jraby)
0001022: [SOPE] specific mail crashes sogo in SOPE NGMimeRFC822DateHeaderFieldParser (ludovic)
0001288: [SOPE] OpenBSD does have strndup(3) (ludovic)
0001377: [Web Mail] Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary results in empty message display
0000790: [Web Address Book] Contact synchronization WebGUI -> Thunderbird
0000057: [Web Mail] Group discussion by thread
0001295: [Web Mail] IMAP-Sharedfolder - Naming incorrect
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