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0002832SOGoBackend Mailpublic2014-07-29 14:54
ReporterMarcel Assigned Toludovic  
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Product Version2.2.5 
Target Version2.2.7Fixed in Version2.2.7 
Summary0002832: Cannot use SmarterMail IMAP backend

Some IMAP servers, notably SmarterMail, do not understand

1 login "username" {8}

syntax for IMAP logins. Already after the first line, they complain about invalid username/password, as it uses the {8} length field as the password.

Would it be possible to specify the password itself on the login command line itself, at least for passwords which do not contain characters interfering with the login process?

Steps To Reproduce

Add the server to the IMAP accounts list
The server appears, but no folders are listed
A wireshark analysis shows the following behavior:

S: * OK IMAP4rev1 SmarterMail
C: 1 login "username" {7}
S: 1 NO LOGIN bad username or password

Additional Information

Right now, it is not possible to connect to such a mail server and I have no control over the mail server's setup. Even though SOGo behaves standard-compliant, it would be nice if it were more conservative in its transmission of the password and thereby improving interoperability without losing performance or features.

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2014-07-02 12:47

administrator   ~0007271

That is pretty dump from SmarterMail to not support that as it's a requirement for IMAP servers to do so and it breaks 8-bit paswords support.



2014-07-04 21:19

reporter   ~0007285

I agree. However, as it only supports dumb passwords anyway, this is not a problem.

I have drafted a pull request ( which seems to solve the problem while preserving full compatibility and reducing the connection setup by one RTT for simple passwords.

(I have not tested it as I currently don't have a SOGo development setup)



2014-07-29 14:54

administrator   ~0007363

Merged (and modified after) a few days ago.

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