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0003359SOGoWeb Mailpublic2015-10-23 16:46
Reporterwimmer Assigned Toludovic  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Product Version2.3.2 
Fixed in Version2.3.3 
Summary0003359: 'Reply All' doesn't work when message was sent from Thunderbird to Bcc: recipient only

SOGo WebGUI crashes in this case

Steps To Reproduce

1) send e-mail from Thunderbird to some "Bcc:" recipient and with empty "To:" field
=> Thunderbird uses following line in that case:
To: "undisclosed-recipients (utajeni adresati)": ;

2) go to the same sender account to SOGo WebGUI, open that message in his Sent folder and choose "Reply All".
=> WebGUI opens Error window with "Proxy Error - Reason: Error reading from remote server" content.
=> SOGo writes following message into sogo.log:
EXCEPTION: <NSException: 0x564eec2bb420> NAME:NSInvalidArgumentException REASON:[GSMutableString -compare:options:range:] nil string argument INFO:(null)
Oct 05 23:38:04 sogod [11795]: <0x0x564eebd55330[WOWatchDogChild]> child 11817 exited
Oct 05 23:38:04 sogod [11795]: <0x0x564eebd55330[WOWatchDogChild]> (terminated due to signal 6)
Oct 05 23:38:04 sogod [11795]: <0x0x564eeba8d600[WOWatchDog]> child spawned with pid 22608

3) when you choose "Reply" action in WebGUI on the same message, all works fine

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