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0003815SOGoWeb Mailpublic2016-09-28 18:22
Reportercedric.archambeau Assigned Tofrancis  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platform[Server] LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04 LTS
Product Version3.1.5 
Fixed in Version3.2.0 
Summary0003815: Nightly Mouse selection on mail address autocomplete broken since commit 67258fe

We are using Nightly repo on ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

We have a recent problem with mail address autocomplete in UIxMailEditor.

It seems that since migrated to material's md-add-on-blur, the autocomplete fill in with mouse is broken (it's ok with keyboard).

Please have a look on joined screenshot for details, I mixed code on server with before on .to (ok) and after on .cc (nok) commit 67258fe.

Steps To Reproduce

With FF48 (linux, windows), Chrome 52 (linux) and chromium 53 (linux) with empty cache (important)!

  • Compose a mail
  • type the begining of mail address
  • choose one

Result : the search word is fill in as an address, with luck the real addres is added correctly but sometimes not.

Additional Information

Please empty your browser cache or, better, test with a user with clean session (no cache).

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2016-09-19 13:03


regression_commit_67258fe.png (24,401 bytes)   
regression_commit_67258fe.png (24,401 bytes)   


2016-09-19 13:51

administrator   ~0010647

Bug has been reported for Angular Material:

We'll consider rollbacking to our own directive if the bug is not fixed in ng-material before the next release of SOGo.



2016-09-19 14:13

reporter   ~0010648

Thanks for your answer.

Just hope some new potentialy users will not be discouraged by testing and meet this bug. They could let behind (don't !) a great great app, BTW thanks for sharing it.

Related Changesets

sogo: master 5e766276

2016-09-28 13:50


Details Diff
Revert "(js) Drop sgTransformOnBlur directive"

This reverts commit 67258fe337f6d6b6442fa05b7a48ad9de7072894.

Fixes 0003815
Affected Issues
mod - UI/Templates/MailerUI/UIxMailEditor.wox Diff File
mod - UI/Templates/MailerUI/UIxMailMainFrame.wox Diff File
add - UI/WebServerResources/js/Common/sgTransformOnBlur.directive.js Diff File

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