Released 2021-12-16
0005524: [Web General] Second factor authentication annoyances (francis)
0005440: [Web Mail] enhance displayed info in certificate with subject emailAddress (francis)
0005096: [GUI] double click on email folder, address book or calendar wrongly triggers "rename" function (francis)
0005443: [Web Preferences] Can't save vacation auto reply preferences (francis)
0005448: [Backend Mail] Activation time constraint for vacation auto reply results in invalid Sieve script (francis)
0004666: [Web Mail] First attachement disappear when "Enter" key is pressed in "Subject","To","CC" or "BCC" fields (francis)
0001585: [Web Mail] Option to not automatically mark mails as read (francis)
0005438: [Web Preferences] TOTP auth disappeared (francis)
0005127: [Web Mail] New email notification blocks Calendar/Address Book navigation bar (francis)
0005407: [Web Mail] When using identities, you can sign with a not matching S/MIME certificate (francis)
0005328: [Backend Calendar] Enable vacation auto-reply only one day per week (francis)
0005261: [Web Calendar] Biweekly repeating appointment is shown as Weekly (francis)
0005433: [Backend Mail] Is SOGoMailAuxiliaryUserAccountsEnabled broken? (francis)
0005434: [Web Mail] Links in HTML emails are erroneously converted to lowercase (francis)
0004991: [Web Calendar] multiple e-mails for annually recurring appointments with appointment reminders (francis)
0005432: [Web Mail] Uploaded attachments can't be deleted (francis)
0005431: [Web Mail] Popup window closes, when changing the response type (francis)
0005410: [Web Mail] Comments left by attendees when responding to an invitation are not shown in SOGo (francis)
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