Released 2016-11-23
0003790: [Backend Calendar] Spurious email change notifications when event is snoozed (francis)
0003888: [with SOGo] Confidential entrys viewable in frontend (francis)
0003861: [Web Calendar] Allow Events/Tasks pane to be resized and/or hidden. (francis)
0003908: [Web Mail] Cannot mark messages read with high UID causing "BAD Error in IMAP command UID STORE: Invalid uidset" by Dovecot (francis)
0003118: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync does not enforce permissions (ludovic)
0003180: [ActiveSync] Subscribed addressbooks are synchronized via EAS only if user has all permissions on it (ludovic)
0003899: [Web General] SQL authentication (ludovic)
0003889: [Web Calendar] Delete events from a read only calendar by doing a move in the web frontent (francis)
0003876: [Web Mail] Can't attach document after removing an attachment in Chrome (francis)
0003885: [Web Preferences] Vacation - Enable auto replay date (francis)
0003886: [GUI] "Note" Field in Contanct is not shown in Frontend (francis)
0003865: [Web Mail] IMAP folder subscription not working (francis)
0003875: [Web Mail] The mailboxes/folders could not be deleted. (dovecot: mbox format / tcpflow: Target mailbox doesn't allow inferior mailboxes) (francis)
0003873: [Web Mail] No quick way of marking mails as read (francis)
0003880: [Web Calendar] SOGo webcalendar when saving event and save button cliked twice or more, the invitation is sent as much as the button clicked (francis)
0001053: [Backend Calendar] EMail Alarm not working for repeating Events (ludovic)
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