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0003246SOGoWeb Generalpublic2022-06-23 12:26
Reporterstefancastille Assigned Toludovic  
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Product Version2.3.0 
Target Version3.0.0Fixed in Version3.1.0 
Summary0003246: No CSRF token - requests can be forged

No CSRF token is used when creating events in calendar, adding contacts, ...
An attacker can therefore prepare a website that triggers POST requests for a victim to preform actions under his/her account.

only the username of the victim needs to be known.

Steps To Reproduce
  • create a new contact
  • intercept and save the request
  • replace your username with the username of the victim in the request
  • create a webpage that sends the POST request automatically
  • lure the victim into visiting your webpage
  • if the victim is still logged in the action will be performed (ie. send him/her an email with a link to your site)
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2015-06-10 14:36

reporter   ~0008615

Almost all actions (except changing password) are possible, including setting an email forward address so that all incoming emails will be forwarded to the attacker.



2016-04-26 15:24

administrator   ~0010013

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