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0003705SOGoGUIpublic2016-05-31 15:49
ReporterChrisClemson Assigned Tofrancis  
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PlatformClientOSAndroidOS VersionLollipop (5.1)
Product Version3.1.0 
Fixed in Version3.1.1 
Summary0003705: Web GUI for mobile can't display the "Send" icon when creating new email

On a web browser (Firefox) on my Fairphone 2, the write email screen doesn't show the send button at all in portrait mode, and only part of it in landscape mode.
This could be due to the size of my email address which pushes the icon off the screen to the right.
Please see attached screenshots for examples.

Steps To Reproduce

Browse to SOGo web UI and log in.
Click on the green pencil icon to create a new mail.
When the new mail screen loads, the send icon is not visible, and trying to zoom out (using pinch gestures) still doesn't make the icon visible.

Additional Information

If screen space is the issue, could the "from" header be hidden once the "from" email address has been selected (if more than one is available)?

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