Released 2011-12-17
0001182: [Backend Address Book] Contacts with notes: only first line shows in web interface (wsourdeau)
       0001523: [Backend Calendar] New event description fields truncated after first line (wsourdeau)
0001297: [Web Calendar] Delete confirm dialog too heigh, no scrolling possible (francis)
0001316: [Backend Calendar] Missing To and From header encoding in sogo-ealarm-notify mails (francis)
0001531: [Web General] remember login cookie expires at end of session (francis)
0001292: [Backend Calendar] SOGo crashes (sometimes) when issuing PROPFIND (wsourdeau)
0001522: [Web Calendar] Setting recurrence causes time shift in Web display (wsourdeau)
0001518: [Web Calendar] SOGo 1.3.10 : a href link with target _blank - window.opener javascript (francis)
0001520: [Backend Calendar] Setting categories in Lightning causes exception (wsourdeau)
0001527: [sogo-tool] SoGo does not install on Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10
0001504: [SOPE] SOGo installation for Ubuntu 11.10 (jraby)
0001404: [SOPE] fix use after free resulting in segfault triggered by OGo (ludovic)
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