Released 2015-01-20
0002913: [Backend General] Login failed due to unhandled error case: -1 (ludovic)
0003057: [ActiveSync] Contacts are multiplied to SOGo when copying from PST file to Outlook 2013 (ludovic)
0002993: [Backend Address Book] The etag header returned after a create is misspelled (ludovic)
0002515: [Web Calendar] Edit calendar entry popup defaults to personal calendar, not the entry's calendar (francis)
0003050: [Web Calendar] WebGUI sets "Personal Calendar" in "New Event" window in all cases (francis)
0003051: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync raises exceptions, child terminated with signal 11 after 10 minutes (ludovic)
0003026: [Backend General] WOWatchDogRequestTimeout stopped working with 2.2.11a (ludovic)
0002960: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Delegated Calendars Appear as Users Own Calendar (ludovic)
0003049: [Web Calendar] "edit event" dialog always selects "private calendar" (francis)
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