Released 2014-11-01
0002826: [ActiveSync] Add support for ActiveSync with multiple calendars/address books (ludovic)
0002953: [Backend General] Database password should not leak in logs (francis)
0002957: [ActiveSync] Attatchments broken using ActiveSync (ludovic)
0002817: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync attachement broken using Outlook 2013 (ludovic)
0002945: [Web Mail] Webmail does not send e-mail to all recipients when their addresses are delimited by TAB (francis)
0002972: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2013 ActiveSync stuck on Waiting for server response (ludovic)
0002963: [Packaging (Debian)] Zip and dependencies (francis)
0002968: [Backend Calendar] timezone info outdated (ludovic)
0002701: [Packaging (Debian)] sogo apt repository breaking sssd on wheezy (libldb1) (ludovic)
0002975: [Web Mail] damaged png files not displayed in webinterface (ludovic)
0002978: [ActiveSync] Invitation to Events created through iOS are not sent to invitees (ludovic)
0002965: [Web Preferences] Allow return receipts for some messages crash the system (ludovic)
0002940: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync PING Command sent multiple times per second (ludovic)
0002952: [Web Mail] Webmail for new user not correctly showing emails (francis)
0002905: [OpenChange backend] Error during build form source (ludovic)
0002622: [Web Preferences] Wrong UTF-7 encoding names of mail folders in Sieve filters (ludovic)
0002713: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync WP8 (ludovic)
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