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0003698SOGopublic2016-06-23 15:11
Reportersoletan Assigned Toludovic  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platform[Server] LinuxOSUbuntuOS Version14.04 LTS
Product Version3.1.0 
Fixed in Version3.1.4 
Summary0003698: SOGo impractical on using aliases with Outlook EAS and its own WebUI

Is there any opportunity to decently use aliases attached to mailboxes with Web UI and Outlook/EAS? As of 3.1 SOGo is still quite impractical:

I'm having single mailbox with about 30 aliases for any kind of common purpose. But if I'm sending off mails I want to use one particular alias which isn't the first in set of addresses listed on sending mail with SOGo WebUI. That top-most address is the one which is used on sending mail per Outlook EAS either.

In case of WebUI I always have to choose the proper sender address and can't select new default sender, obviously.

In case of Outlook EAS any sender address selected in Outlook is replaced by the one listed on top in Web UI.

Steps To Reproduce

Send mail per Outlook EAS after configuring sender in Outlook, which is different from the one listed as "default" sender in WebUI.

Result: mail is sent to designated target, but sender of mail matches wrong alias.

Additional Information

LDAP is user database. Several mailPublic attributes are assigned to my account. Outlook 2016 is configured to use proper mail address for sending.

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2016-05-26 23:59

reporter   ~0010218

Had to fix sieve setup (for missing TLS connecting sieve failed on saving settings resulting in error message popping up in WebUI on saving settings). After that it was obviously possible to set new E-Mail address in WebUI. But logging off/on the setting was reverted again. Outlook is still sending from wrong mail address.

Here comes my configuration

SOGoProfileURL = "mysql://sogo:secret@%2ftmp%2fmysqld.sock/sogo/sogo_user_profile";
OCSFolderInfoURL = "mysql://sogo:secret@%2ftmp%2fmysqld.sock/sogo/sogo_folder_info";
OCSSessionsFolderURL = "mysql://sogo:secret@%2ftmp%2fmysqld.sock/sogo/sogo_sessions_folder";
OCSEMailAlarmsFolderURL = "mysql://sogo:secret@%2ftmp%2fmysqld.sock/sogo/sogo_email_alarms_folder";

SOGoDraftsFolderName = "INBOX/Drafts";
SOGoSentFolderName = "INBOX/Sent";
SOGoTrashFolderName = "INBOX/Trash";
SOGoIMAPServer = "imaps://imap";
SOGoSieveServer = "sieve://imap:4190/?tls=YES";
SOGoSMTPServer = "smtp";
SOGoMailDomain = "";
SOGoMailingMechanism = "smtp";

SOGoPasswordChangeEnabled = YES;

SOGoUserSources = (
id = "common";
type = ldap;
CNFieldName = cn;
UIDFieldName = uid;
MailFieldNames = (mail, mailPublic);
bindFields = (uid, mailPublic);
baseDN = "ou=people,dc=domain,dc=de";
canAuthenticate = YES;
displayName = "Shared Addresses";
hostname = "ldaps:// ldaps://";
isAddressBook = NO;
filter = "(objectClass='isMailAccount' AND mailPublic='*')";
userPasswordAlgorithm = "ssha512.b64";
passwordPolicy = YES;
bindAsCurrentUser = YES;

SOGoLDAPContactInfoAttribute = nil;

SOGoPageTitle = "";
SOGoLoginModule = Mail;
SOGoVacationEnabled = YES;
SOGoForwardEnabled = YES;
SOGoSieveScriptsEnabled = YES;
SOGoMailAuxiliaryUserAccountsEnabled = YES;
SOGoFirstDayOfWeek = 1;
SOGoFirstWeekOfYear = First4DayWeek;

SOGoLanguage = German;
SOGoTimeZone = Europe/Berlin;
SOGoSuperUsernames = (myuser);
SxVMemLimit = 512;
SOGoEnablePublicAccess = YES;
SOGoMailCustomFromEnabled = YES;



2016-05-27 00:21

reporter   ~0010220

Tried disabling auxiliary accounts. No success.

Found some warning in logs, but that doesn't prevent preferences GUI from obviously saving settings (though actually still failing to save SOGoMailCustomEmail ... check that with sogo-tool backup on my user ... the preferences section doesn't contain this property.

May 27 02:15:24 sogod [16351]: <0x0x7fbc09c4d948[NGSieveClient]> TLS started successfully.
May 27 02:15:24 sogod [16351]: <0x0x7fbc09c594d8[NGSieveClient]> TLS started successfully.
May 27 02:15:24 sogod [16351]: <0x0x7fbc09c67be8[SOGoSieveManager]> WARNING: Could not delete Sieve script - continuing...: {RawResponse = "{ok = 0; reason = \"Error deleting script\"; }"; result = 0; }
May 27 02:15:24 sogod [16351]: "POST /SOGo/so/myuser/Preferences/save HTTP/1.0" 200 0/6977 0.403 - - 2M



2016-06-23 15:11

administrator   ~0010424

  • 2.3.13.

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sogo: master 030bdb4b

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(fix) check if EAS identity is ok and use it (fixes 0003698) Affected Issues
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sogo: v2 c0bfb42c

2016-06-23 11:06


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(fix) check if EAS identity is ok and use it (fixes 0003698) Affected Issues
mod - ActiveSync/SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher.m Diff File

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