Released 2010-08-19
0000753: [Web Preferences] IE 8 doesn't display add filter page / javascript error (francis)
0000742: [Web Mail] Sent folder not refreshed after sending a message (francis)
0000684: [Backend Mail] SOGo put strange character on e-mail (ludovic)
0000716: [Web Mail] Can't copy/move mails to an IMAP folder containing a & (ludovic)
0000682: [Web Administration] Subscribing user to his/her own calendar (francis)
0000665: [Backend Calendar] ical vs sogo recurring events (ludovic)
0000191: [Backend Calendar] Update the CalDAV scheduling code (ludovic)
0000711: [Backend General] Documentation bugs (ludovic)
0000697: [Backend General] Update Ukranian translation (ludovic)
0000714: [Web General] SOGo Polish transtation & 2 small fixes (ludovic)
0000703: [Backend General] Support for crypt passwords (ludovic)
0000690: [Web Calendar] Empty rows in event text after import from ics file (ludovic)
0000717: [Web Mail] Cache issue with the "Drafts" IMAP folder (francis)
0000699: [Backend General] Typo(s) in german mail templates (modifying access rights/ACLs) (francis)
0000691: [Web Calendar] Response window: autocompletion menu for delegates shows up in top left corner of window (francis)
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