Released 2013-02-24
0001473: [Web Mail] activate folder function "Mark Folder Read..." (francis)
0002262: [Web Mail] Missing quoted message in reply and forward in Slovak language (francis)
0002239: [i18n] Parameter $Summary translated to Danish = no Summary shown (francis)
0002229: [Backend General] X-Forwarded-For in sogo.log of fail2ban (jraby)
0002228: [Backend General] ManageSieve connection should be closed (jraby)
       0002036: [Web Preferences] Bugs in sieve-mgm communication (jraby)
       0002210: [Web Preferences] Comunication with sieve suspends... (jraby)
0002279: [Backend General] Session lost after SOGoCacheCleanupInterval
0002169: [Web Calendar] Possible bug with session and LDAP filtering (jraby)
0002256: [Backend General] SOGo does not release LDAP connections (jraby)
0002244: [OpenChange backend] samba4 crashes when processing a certain calendar element
0002190: [OpenChange backend] omitted characters when converting from RTF (OL2010)
0002226: [sogo-tool] sogo-ealarms-notify do not try to read /etc/sogo/sogo.conf (jraby)
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