Released 2012-09-27
0001887: [Web Address Book] Working with large Addressbook (francis)
0001598: [Web Calendar] Moving (dnd) an all day event is off by one day when using "negative" timezones (francis)
0001944: [Web Mail] Deleting a mail folder doesn't create the Trash mailbox (lcharland)
0001487: [SOPE] No support for vTimeZone with multiple standard/daylight definitions (francis)
0001908: [Web Mail] Mail answer lost if original mail is opened (francis)
0000806: [Web Calendar] Update Tigra Calendar and avoid popup window (francis)
0001788: [Web Calendar] Date selector broken due to fixed height container (francis)
0001930: [Web Calendar] Notification e-mail are not available on transifex for translate (lcharland)
0001952: [Web Mail] Random (unknown reason) duplicate mailing (francis)
0001974: [Web Address Book] Can not send mail from the address book. (francis)
0001905: [SOPE] PrintfFormatScanner can't compile on a Raspberry Pi (ARMv6) with Debian Wheezy (ludovic)
0001989: [Backend General] Compilation of SOGo fails with clang 3.1
0001201: [Web Calendar] Create an event with the same Start and End time from WebGUI will not appear on the calendar table but in event list pane
0000800: [Web Calendar] size of calendar list (francis)
0001890: [Web Preferences] Vacation message doesn't support french accents (ludovic)
0001329: [Web Calendar] The web calendar doesn't show correctly the all day events
0001571: [Web Calendar] events with start time = end time are not shown (ludovic)
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