Released 2016-06-22
0003718: [Web Calendar] Persistent Cross-Site Scripting in calendar (francis)
0003714: [GUI] styles.css contains duplicate entries (francis)
0001637: [Web Mail] Mailboxes sharing - toggle all checkboxes (ludovic)
0000232: [Web General] No popups for when overing list of calendars or address books (ludovic)
0003733: [Web Mail] "Other Users" folder not showing who shared folder except for postmaster user (ludovic)
0003735: [Web Calendar] Web Calendar Entries are one day off (francis)
0003457: [Web Calendar] All-day event ist not displayed correctly while transitioning Into Daylight Saving Time (Timezone Europe/Berlin) (francis)
0003730: [Web Calendar] Free/Busy view not for newly invited participants (francis)
0000685: [Web Preferences] Vacation / autoresponder : Subject (francis)
0001447: [Web Preferences] Cannot specify a text for the vacation reply subject (francis)
0001961: [Web Preferences] Add a vacation template message (francis)
0003729: [GUI] "Send Appointment Notifications" check box is not properly initialised when creating new event (francis)
0003679: [Web Preferences] Provide start date for autoresponder mails (ludovic)
0003720: [Web Mail] Delegation function is not working (francis)
0003724: [GUI] Month not displayed in calendar weekly view (francis)
0003723: [Web Calendar] 502 Bad Gateway when accessing web calendar (ludovic)
0003719: [Web Mail] If gravatar is switched off the icons before the email are not shown correctly (francis)
0003728: [Backend Calendar] Exception when trying to add resource to appointment (ludovic)
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