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0005197SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2020-11-11 17:01
ReporterTheExpert Assigned Tofrancis  
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Platform[Server] LinuxOSRHEL/CentOSOS Version7
Product Version5.0.0 
Fixed in Version5.1.0 
Summary0005197: Reminder mail notification of appointments doesn't work

When creating, changing or deleting an appointment in the personal or a shared calendar I get invitations and deletions as mail notivfication. But when activating the reminder there's no mail notification for this appointment.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a new appointment on a shared calender of another user
  2. Add attendees
  3. Activate the reminder as mail for the attendees only


  1. Create a new appointment on your personal calender
  2. Activate the reminder as mail
Tagsappointment, mail, notification, reminder




2020-11-06 13:52

reporter   ~0014921

After the update to 5.0.1 the bug is still there. None of the attendees gets the mail reminder. An appointment with mail notification of the organizer only isn't working, too.



2020-11-06 13:53

reporter   ~0014922

I forgot to mention that I'm using SOGo on NethServer 7.



2020-11-09 17:34

administrator   ~0014931

Last edited: 2020-11-09 17:35

Have you enabled SMTP authentication (SOGoSMTPAuthenticationType would be defined in your sogo.conf). If so, make sure to pass a credentials file to sogo-ealarms-notify. Example:

sogo-ealarms-notify -p /etc/sogo/sogo.creds


2020-11-10 07:22

reporter   ~0014932

Thank, you. I'm wondering why SOGo can send invitations and delete notifications but no appointment reminders? Do they use separate authentication parameters? I don't know the credentials of the SOGo SMTP server, defined with in sogo.conf. I've never been asked for setting credentials to the SMTP server. Or does SOGo use the smart host of nethserver for sending mails via SMTP?



2020-11-10 15:01

administrator   ~0014935

The appointment reminders would actually be the alarms associated to the appointments.

You probably don't need to enable SMTP authentication in your setup, therefore you could remove SOGoSMTPAuthenticationType from sogo.conf.



2020-11-10 17:57

reporter   ~0014936

I know what the appointment reminders are and that they have to be set up for the appointments.
I now have deaktivated the option in /etc/sogo/sogo.conf: //SOGoSMTPAuthenticationType = "PLAIN";
The invitations and deletion notifications are still working and now the reminders are working, too. :-)

Related Changesets

sogo: master 64f0519f

2020-11-11 11:58


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chore(sogo-ealarms-notify): improve arguments parsing

Fixes 0005197
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