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0002221SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2013-09-27 14:01
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Product Version2.0.4a 
Target Version2.1.0Fixed in Version2.1.0 
Summary0002221: Remote webcalendars not synchronized


When adding more than 1 external webcalendar (ics), the calendars are correctly showned on the web interface.

Click on "update/actualiser" : the first calendar is correctly showned, not the second, but in sogo's log, the request is OK (apache code 200) but the result isn't parsed : can't see ics file in debug mode.

The tests have been made on sogo 2.0.3a & 2.0.4a
The urls have the same URL root, the end of the url is not the same

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Jerome G

Jerome G

2013-02-01 13:04

reporter   ~0005308


some more information

At the start of day, the webcalendar which have disappeared the day before, come back on the web interface.

But when i update calendars again, it disappears again.

In order to be more precise, the events disappear but then calendar in the calendars' list is displayed



2013-07-19 08:47

reporter   ~0005760

Last edited: 2013-07-19 08:49


maybe I observed the same problem. I have added three webcalenders, all published on the same webdav-server. The webdav-server needs authentication, which works pretty well in SOGo, thanks.

I have tried it with .ics calendars exported by outlook 2007&2010. After adding the first calendar the calendar is synced and the events are shown correctly. But trying to add the second webcalendar seems to be impossible. There is another calendar entry on the calendar list, but no events are synchronized and shown.

So I tried deleting the first calendar to get the second calendars events, but also this does not work. The synchronization only works when adding the very first webcalendar.

Observed in SOGo 2.0.6b



2013-09-27 14:01

administrator   ~0006054

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