Released 2014-03-21
0002651: [Web Calendar] Events icons are no longer displayed (francis)
0002658: [Backend Mail] Folder names beginning with numeral can't be used and create new folder (francis)
0002647: [Web Calendar] SOGoCalendarDefaultReminder default value does not work (francis)
0002656: [Web Mail] the accented characters are html encoded when you fill out a field with the adresse book panel (francis)
0002662: [Web Address Book] Department does not display properly in web address book (francis)
0002661: [i18n] Faute d'orthographe (francis)
0002541: [Backend Calendar] overbooking of resources without warning (francis)
0002652: [Web Mail] 0000965: 0000522: Sub-folders do not show unread message count (francis)
0002659: [Web Calendar] Reminder popup shows foreign characters HTML encoded (francis)
0002641: [Web Mail] Copy/paste recipient from Excel attach an image (png) with all recipients (francis)
0002648: [Web Preferences] crasher opening preferences (francis)
0002669: [ActiveSync] cannot send mails from a htc desire (ludovic)
0002657: [Web Mail] translation for "OtherUsersFolderName" and "SharedFoldersName" not working (ludovic)
0002667: [ActiveSync] Decode base64 and quoted-printable encoded multipart emails (ludovic)
0002650: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2013 creates duplicates when you move messages from one folder to the other one (ludovic)
0002663: [ActiveSync] [SOGoActiveSyncDispatcher processProvision:inResponse:]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7f57209d2b40 INFO:(null) (ludovic)
0002653: [ActiveSync] Calendar won't sync (ludovic)
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