Released 2014-12-18
0000013: [Web Calendar] Attendees can't set an alarm on an invitation (francis)
0001941: [Backend Calendar] Set individual reminders (francis)
0000294: [Backend Calendar] Subscribed calendars should have an option to mark your time as busy (ludovic)
0003028: [ActiveSync] Tasks - notes (ludovic)
0003003: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync öäüõ not displayed correctly in Outlook 2013 (ludovic)
0003008: [Web Calendar] Calendar reminder immediately shown when target date selected. (ludovic)
0002996: [with SOGo] improper / inconsistent definition of rpath in source (ludovic)
0003025: [Packaging (Debian)] [Ubuntu10.04] sogo 2.2.11a-1 requires liblasso3 (>= 2.3.6) but only 2.2.1-4build1 in lucid (ludovic)
0000076: [Web Calendar] modification of accepted event is impossible (ludovic)
0003018: [Backend Mail] BAD Error in IMAP command SETANNOTATION: Unknown command, Support RFC5464 and not the draft version. (ludovic)
0003022: [ActiveSync] vent privacy, category, priority, "show time as free" and reminder isn't set between outlook 2013 and sogo with activesync (ludovic)
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