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0005777SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2023-06-02 09:46
Reporterares6 Assigned Tosebastien  
Status closedResolutionreopened 
PlatformPCOSWindowsOS Version10-11
Product Version5.8.3 
Fixed in Version5.9.0 
Summary0005777: Events in new SOGo 5.8.3

After update at 5.8.3 i catch a bug that changed event time in January 1970 year 03:00 am. Recreate didn't work, after any change in events same result

Steps To Reproduce

Create event and after creating change it (add users or change event time)

Additional Information

latest ubuntu 20.04, latest sogo version, correct server time.

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2023-06-01 13:59


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2023-06-01 15:16

administrator   ~0016991


Fixed in It will be available in next nightly build.

5.8.3 is not affected by this




2023-06-01 17:02

reporter   ~0016992

Hi. Sorry for re-opening but i wanna know when i can see that fix in release? not dev branch. bc its critical for my company that used SOGo. Thx in advance!



2023-06-02 09:37

administrator   ~0016995

Hello ares6,
Only prenium customers can access the official releases ->
Others have only access to nightly builds who has your fix. Both can be found here ->

I assume you were already using the nightly builds as the bug you have reported was from the nightly only and was not present in the official 5.8.3 release



2023-06-02 09:42

reporter   ~0016996

Thank you very much for answering me! I got it. Im using SOGo in package iRedMail, and only now seeing in apt update link that using nightly builds in my server! Thanks again.

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