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0003983SOGoGUIpublic2017-01-09 17:04 Assigned Tofrancis  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platform[Server] LinuxOSDebianOS Version8 (Jessie)
Product Version3.2.4 
Fixed in Version3.2.5 
Summary0003983: Using Backspace while writing email delete messages.

Issue:I'm clicking onto email, to show it on the right sight of SOGo webclient. Then I click "New Message", place cursor where I will write my email, but instead I press several times Backspace button.
Effect: Email window will close, AddressBook will show, message which was choose beffore will be deleted and place in Trash as several copies itselves. Maybe contcts will be deleted too, but I have ldap book, which is readonly.

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sogo: master 3560f048

2017-01-06 18:26


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(js) Fix hotkeys with an active dialog in Mailer

Fixes 0003983
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