Released 2021-11-18
0001037: [Web Mail] You cannot move deleted folders out of the trash... (francis)
0005224: [Web Mail] Empty Junk Folder Feature (francis)
0005427: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync sync mails to Outlook ends prematurely
0005421: [Web Mail] Empty Trash doesn't clear the meassage list (francis)
0005380: [Packaging (Debian)] Build packages for Debian 11 (bullseye) (francis)
0005417: [i18n] German translation of automatic message for sharing privilege changes not gender neutral (francis)
0005408: [ActiveSync] Attachment get corrupted in Outlook with ActiveSync when the filename contains non-ASCII characters and the CharSet is not UTF-8 (francis)
0005414: [sogo-tool] [SOGoCache]> failure deleting cached value for key (francis)
0005413: [Web Mail] Feature-Request: Indicate or reset search results (francis)
0003323: [Web Mail] sort mails by tags (francis)
0005338: [Web Mail] Sorting of Emails by either tag or flag-status (francis)
0001417: [Web Mail] No filter option available to filter flagged / starred emails (francis)
0004277: [Web Mail] Unread mails indicator not noticeable enough (francis)
0001146: [Web Mail] Sort mail by unread/read (francis)
0005339: [GUI] Reply and Forward buttons do not work when the language is set to sr_RS (francis)
0005325: [Web Preferences] Filter: Discard the message should not be first in list (francis)
0004961: [Web Calendar] Blank Page returned (francis)
0004939: [Web Calendar] ICS WebCalendar with "Reload on login" block login (francis)
0005231: [Web Mail] writing a text mail with a line with a length of 63-65 chars ending with a € makes a newline disappear (francis)
0005355: [Backend Address Book] CardDAV addressbook-multiget report denial-of-service (francis)
0005293: [Web Mail] Moving/Copying Mails does not work because of Quota (francis)
0004983: [Web Mail] include shared mail folders also if only option "Insert" was choosen (francis)
0005385: [Web Mail] "Descending order" has no effect (francis)
0005384: [Backend Calendar] Moved multi-day all-day event results in wrong mail text (francis)
0005375: [Web General] Printing more than one page, gives empty pages (francis)
0005381: [Web Mail] Unread Mail Counter not refreshing (francis)
0005386: [Web Address Book] vcard import broken in 5.2.0 (francis)
0005348: [Web Mail] Invitation send to alias address cannot be accepted nor added to calendar (francis)
0005379: [Documentation] PR: Mention the value of SQL column used in ModulesConstraints must be a string. (francis)
0005376: [Web Mail] Web Mail is not honoring RFC-821 line lengths with identity signature blocks, resulting in invalid S/MIME digital signtures (francis)
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