Released 2010-10-19
0000272: [Backend Calendar] Calendar sync tag names are not released when a calendar is deleted (wsourdeau)
0000910: [Web Calendar] quick dates of events occurring on a time swith is badly computed (wsourdeau)
0000898: [Web Mail] autocompletion: very strange bug (francis)
0000909: [SOPE] SOPE (today's mtn) fails to build: Wrong location of SoObject.h given (ludovic)
0000854: [Web Calendar] Unstable delete option (francis)
0000841: [Web Calendar] auto complete of attendees error if entered to fast (francis)
0000895: [Web Mail] Clicking "reply" when no mail is selected will cause the current window to connect to /SOGo/[user]/Mail/reply (wsourdeau)
0000897: [Web Address Book] Clicking on the "write" toolbar button should cause a message to be displayed when no contact selected (wsourdeau)
0000831: [Web Mail] When adding a new IMAP acount on the WEBUI, the CPU overload (ludovic)
0000814: [Web Calendar] Mini calender one weekday off (francis)
0000864: [Web General] CTRL + A (select all) does not work on Firefox (francis)
0000756: [Backend Calendar] Groups are not usable in practice (francis)
0000855: [Web General] Polish translation fix (wsourdeau)
0000880: [Web General] Translation bug in invitation e-mail (francis)
0000866: [Web Calendar] DST & dragging all-day events (wsourdeau)
0000876: [Web Preferences] Apache Config (francis)
0000693: [Web Address Book] impossible to rename a subscribed folder (wsourdeau)
0000822: [Web Calendar] calendar description trucated by semi-colon ";" (wsourdeau)
0000845: [SOPE] c_folder_id unsigned and dirty log (wsourdeau)
0000862: [Web General] German localization fix (francis)
0000902: [Web Calendar] Events created after November 7 (DST Switch) show 1 hour off in Monthly View (wsourdeau)
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