Released 2016-02-05
0003497: [Web Mail] webmail missing important feature : move messages (ludovic)
0003498: [Web Mail] E-Mail body and date information does not display (francis)
0003492: [Web Mail] md-toolbar is not appearing on Chrome (francis)
0003472: [Web Calendar] New event added is not visible in web Calendar (ludovic)
0003491: [ActiveSync] Cannot download attachment from Gmail app and Outlook app (ludovic)
0003477: [Web Mail] Move message button missing in v3.0.0 web interface (francis)
0003489: [Web Mail] when delete mail with button on the mail view the list scroll up (francis)
0003490: [Web Mail] bad display of of <> in view source code (francis)
0003488: [Web Mail] Email from correspondent will not display (ludovic)
0003487: [Web Calendar] Header on the Web Calendar not displayed correctly on Chrome Desktop (francis)
0003480: [Web Calendar] %p appears in the end of the time picker for new web calendar event (francis)
0003473: [Web General] Bad display email at the top left (francis)
0003468: [Web Mail] Empty trash in webmail results in NSInvalidArgumentException (francis)
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