Released 2009-10-28
0000198: [Web Address Book] Double-quotes in display name corrupts links of email addresses (francis)
0000196: [Web Address Book] Email addresses in contacts lists are not linked (user4)
0000194: [Web Calendar] iCalRecurrenceCalculator loop (ludovic)
0000127: [Web Calendar] Can't move an event/task to a shared calendar with "create" rights (francis)
0000112: [Web Calendar] Save events list view in Calendar module (user4)
0000113: [Web Mail] MailFieldNames are ignored when composing email with saved preferences (user4)
0000167: [Web Mail] SOGo doesn't display new comming message with attachment (ludovic)
0000166: [Web Mail] doesn't not display jpg in attachment (ludovic)
0000111: [Backend Calendar] Sogo does not work with iCal 4.0 (ludovic)
0000180: [Backend Calendar] Adding event in Lightning shifted one hour in web interface (ludovic)
0000183: [Web Calendar] Inconsistency between web interface and lightning (ludovic)
0000133: [Backend Calendar] MKCOL addressbook succeeds in calendar-homeset (ludovic)
0000179: [Web Calendar] doesn't not display events in 'Event List box' (francis)
0000181: [Web Calendar] Event invitation in edited event (ludovic)
0000177: [Web Address Book] Missing name in contacts added to list (ludovic)
0000171: [Web Calendar] clicking an event in the "unifinder" should scroll the calendar view (francis)
0000154: [Web Calendar] Problems with dailyight savings time (ludovic)
0000174: [Backend Mail] IMAP: excessive invocations of "capability" (ludovic)
0000141: [Backend Mail] SOGo should stop issuing QUOTA commands when not supported (ludovic)
0000140: [Backend Mail] SOGo overloads server with useless "CAPABILITY" requests during client-side sorts (ludovic)
0000158: [Web Calendar] Day view - selection (francis)
0000100: [Backend General] Missing dependency on CentOS5: libevent (required by memcached) (ludovic)
0000163: [Backend Calendar] Transfer of time zone within Funambol synchronization (ludovic)
0000165: [Web Mail] incorrect recoding from windows-1250 charset (ludovic)
0000145: [Web Preferences] No proper fallback for most preferences (francis)
0000102: [Backend Address Book] Debian Package and Apache Configuation (user4)
0000090: [Web Calendar] Show Completed Tasks > not kept when switching between modules (user4)
0000096: [Web Address Book] Search/filter field overlaps the toolbar in popup view of contacts (user4)
0000097: [Web Mail] HTML editor has its own resize handle (user4)
0000094: [Web Calendar] refreshes to the views should not change the scrolling of the calendar view (user4)
0000089: [Web Mail] Select account + action results in an error (user4)
0000098: [Web Address Book] Javascript error in IE when opening contacts popup window from mail module (user4)
0000107: [Web Calendar] clicking on a "view d&t" type event doesn't select it (user4)
0000129: [Web Calendar] Context menu: Modify -> Properties (user4)
0000138: [Web Preferences] Language should be configurable from the preferences (user4)
0000149: [Web Calendar] WebCalendar doesn't subscribe webcalendar without events, same for import (ludovic)
0000139: [Web Calendar] dialog boxes of webcalendar (user4)
0000136: [Web Mail] 'Empty Trash' command (ludovic)
0000126: [Web General] General preference for the first day of the week (ludovic)
0000142: [Web Address Book] export of contact with empty e-mail address doesn't work (ludovic)
0000026: [Web Calendar] Calendar import/export (user4)
0000025: [Web Address Book] Contacts import/insert into SOGo Personal Address Book (user4)
0000119: [Backend General] WOPort (ludovic)
0000161: [Web Calendar] Freebusy information is lost in attendees invitation window when changing the start/end time (francis)
0000088: [Web Preferences] Being able to set "Week Begins on" in config file
0000152: [Web Address Book] "Adresboeken" string erroneously in English translation file
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