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0005900SOGoBackend Mailpublic2023-11-16 13:48
ReporterrainerN Assigned Toqhivert  
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Product Version5.8.0 
Summary0005900: Mails get sent via SMTP but not stored in Sent-Folder

About 90% cases of sending mail work fine, but it randomly happens that though the mail gets sent via smtp an error message shows "IMAP-error" and the mail cannot be stored in sent-folder. The user stays in editing mode and hits "Send" once again and everything works as expected. Mail is sent twice though as smtp works in both cases.

It took some time to find out what's causing this as in the sogo-logs they just show up as 405-errors on /send. As you can see in the attached log-snippets, the first imap session is missing the namespace command and tries to get the status for INBOXSent instead of INBOX.Sent which fails. But then it tries to create INBOX.Sent (with separator!?) and fails again.

Additional Information

Servers (sogo and imap): debian 12
sogo installed from debian-repository





2023-11-10 09:57

reporter   ~0017420

This seems to be related to 0005769



2023-11-10 10:18

reporter   ~0017421

see logs



2023-11-10 10:28

reporter   ~0017422

IMAP-logs.txt.gz (1,096 bytes)


2023-11-10 11:04

administrator   ~0017423

Last edited: 2023-11-10 11:06

There are several issues about that missing separator that happens sometime, and I've had a look at some point:

C: 4 LIST "" ""
R: * LIST (\Noselect) "." ""
R: 4 OK Completed (0.000 secs)
C: 5 status "INBOXSent" (UIDVALIDITY)
R: 5 NO Mailbox does not exist
C: 6 create "INBOX.Sent"

The delimiter is set when doing the LIST command, in all the cases we can see the delimiter (here it's "."). Then it's the same variable that is used for doing all the following command so I didn't understand how it was possible for it to be missing int the first command (status) but not in the second (create)...

However, could you add in your sogo.conf:
ImapLogEnabled = YES;
It may print some more logs that could help when this problem happens



2023-11-10 11:50

reporter   ~0017424


Thanks for the quick response! As ImapLogEnabled didn't do anything, I set ImapDebugEnabled=Yes and this one worked.

I'm waiting for the error to show up again, will update this item when I have new results.



2023-11-13 10:25

reporter   ~0017427


See the newly attached file containing corresponding logs from sogo- and imap-server.



2023-11-16 13:48

administrator   ~0017439

Thanks for the log alas not new useful information or error. I would have to think a proper way to catch this error and understand why it happens.

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