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0004983SOGoWeb Mailpublic2021-09-10 21:01
Reporterrof Assigned Tofrancis  
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Fixed in Version5.3.0 
Summary0004983: include shared mail folders also if only option "Insert" was choosen

We have a mailroom that distributes e-mails to other employees. They should have no further access to their e-mail accounts. For this purpose, we have only checked the option "Insert, copy and move mails into this folder" when the employee shares the mailbox. Unfortunately, the mailroom cannot find the shared folders. Only if the employee gives read rights to the folder (or a subfolder), the mailroom can add e-mails. So it would be great if you could also subscribe to e-mails where only the "Insert, copy and move mails into this folder" option is checked.

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2020-07-13 06:24

reporter   ~0014520

After the change no e-mail can be moved by drag and drop into a folder which only has insert rights. Only moving via selection and hamburger button works.
Can this please be allowed for "Insert, copy and move mails into this folder"-right in general?!



2021-04-14 20:18

administrator   ~0015210

Which IMAP server are you using?



2021-04-15 08:26

reporter   ~0015212

We use Dovecot on an Debian 10-System.



2021-04-15 17:42

administrator   ~0015213

We currently don't have a distinction between the (r)ead right and (l)ookup right. So if you select the (i)nsert right, the user won't be able to find the mailbox even if the user can append messages to it. Your only choice would be to select the Read mails from this folder checkbox.

We could split this role and add List this folder. The owner will have to explicitly check this new role when enabling Insert, copy and move mails into this folder or any other role that only make sense if the mailbox is visible.



2021-04-20 14:13

reporter   ~0015220

I favor a separation of rights. In the ACLs of the email servers, they are also handled separately. And our use case is an example for the separation.

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sogo: master 08581eef

2021-09-10 16:57


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fix(mail): split "l" and "r" ACL attributes for IMAP mailboxes

Fixes 0004983
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sogo: master 0765c726

2021-09-10 16:59


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fix(mail): replace STATUS by LIST command when copying/moving msgs

Fixes 0004983
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mod - SoObjects/Mailer/SOGoMailFolder.m Diff File

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