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0000454SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2010-03-09 17:10
Reporterchrisl Assigned Towsourdeau 
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Product Version1.2.1 
Target Version1.2.2Fixed in Version1.2.2 
Summary0000454: Events added in web client calendar appear one hour earlier in Lightning for timezone Australia/Melbourne

and events added in Lightning appear one hour earlier in web client calendar.

My timezone is set to Australia/Melbourne on the server, in the sogo .GNUStepDefaults, on the client machine, and in Thunderbird.

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2010-02-23 13:02


lightning_out_by_1_hour.jpg (116,571 bytes)   
lightning_out_by_1_hour.jpg (116,571 bytes)   

2010-02-23 13:03


web_client_out_by_1_hour.jpg (111,298 bytes)   
web_client_out_by_1_hour.jpg (111,298 bytes)   


2010-02-23 13:05

reporter   ~0000617

I reported this problem in a previous version (maybe 0.98???) to Wolfgang and it was fixed but now seems to have crept back in.



2010-02-23 14:00

administrator   ~0000618

If you open the event in the Web interface, is the date/time correct in the start/end fields?



2010-02-23 15:11

reporter   ~0000628

No. Its incorrect both in the start/end fields and the calendar "grid".
You can see it in this screenshot:

The "11 am - thunderbird" event starts at 11am in Lightning but in the web client it starts at 12.



2010-03-08 20:41

reporter   ~0000686

We are having the same issue (CST time zone) Web view and desktop view (thunderbird) are one hour off, either an hour off in webview or 1 hour off in desktop view.

all plugins .99 version
centos 5.4 x86_64



2010-03-09 17:10

viewer   ~0000699

We were basing the computing of tz period on the wrong assumpation that dst and standard time were occurring in the same order in the northern and southern hemisphere.

Chris: this should be fixed for you.
Ryan: which timezone exactly are you using, because I did not manage to recreate your problem. If it still occurs, please reopen this bug....


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