Released 2015-08-16
0003342: [Web Address Book] Context menu (francis)
0003298: [Web Mail] Using comma in display name of contact results in multiple (incomplete) recipient addresses when sending mail (ludovic)
0003295: [Web Calendar] String values of "Category" and "Calendar" elements are not translated (francis)
0003344: [Web Calendar] Events shifted by an hour (again?) the week before the switch back to standard time (2015-10-18 to 2015-10-25) (ludovic)
0003309: [ActiveSync] Malformed email Subject shows on web interface but not on Outlook (ludovic)
0003293: [SOPE] SIGINT interrupt during ActiveSync synchronization and memory leak (ludovic)
0003294: [ActiveSync] IMAP LIST loop while ActiveSync a large (many folders) mailbox (ludovic)
0003306: [with SOGo] Comma in display name of meeting organiser not handled correctly. (francis)
0003301: [Web Mail] If "displayname" in LDAP has a comma between firstname and lastname sender address in the webinterface is wrong (francis)
0003285: [Web Preferences] Entries in PreventInvitationsWhitelist not displayed with Firefox (francis)
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