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0001552SOGosogo-toolpublic2012-04-19 20:57
Reporterpwrsrge Assigned Tofrancis  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Fixed in Version1.3.15 
Summary0001552: sogo-tool remove-doubles SQL error


It's a bug in 2.0.0b3 (Centos5.6) with sogo-tool remove-doubles

What I do as user sogo :
sogo-tool remove-doubles someuser personal
<0x0x8e2258[GCSFolder]> -[GCSFolder fetchFields:fetchSpecification:ignoreDeleted:]: cannot execute quick-fetch SQL 'SELECT b.c_name,a.c_givenname,a.c_cn,a.c_sn,a.c_screenname,a.c_l,a.c_mail,a.c_o,a.c_ou,b.c_telephoneNumber,b.c_content,b.c_version,b.c_creationdate,b.c_lastmodified FROM sogosomeuser0074d283b3a_quick a, sogosomeuser0074d283b3a b WHERE (c_component = 'vcard') AND a.c_name = b.c_name AND (c_deleted != 1 OR c_deleted IS NULL)': <MySQL4Exception: 0x8f6888> NAME:ExecutionFailed REASON:Unknown column 'b.c_telephoneNumber' in 'field list'
Unable to fetch required fields from folder.

Should be : SELECT b.c_name,a.c_givenname,a.c_cn,a.c_sn,a.c_screenname,a.c_l,a.c_mail,a.c_o,a.c_ou,a.c_telephoneNumber, ....

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2012-04-19 20:57

administrator   ~0003789

Fixed in revision 73baf2c24acbb1fb98296fc8ab448b3b3c5ba7a7.

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