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0000305SOGoWeb Calendarpublic2010-02-17 15:55
Reporterloegu Assigned Toludovic  
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Product Version1.1.0 
Fixed in Version1.2.1 
Summary0000305: Private events viewable by other people

Person A is using Outlook 2003 and syncing through the funambol connector.
Person A gives Person B the following user rigths on its personal calendar through the webinterface:
Public: view all
Confidential: none
Private: none

Problem: Person B cannot see Person's A private events in Thunderbird/lightning (which is correct) but can see those events in the webinterface (which is bad).

Additional Information

The problem arises when Person A is creating a private event first in Outlook and then syncing/uploading to the server. If Person A creates the event first through the webinterface then the problem doesn't occur. Person A can even "downsync" a private event, move the event in Outlook to another day and "upsync" again. Person B won't be able to see the event through the webinterface (which is right) if the event has been created through the webinterface.

All versions are up to date, but no patches applied.

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2010-01-22 21:33

reporter   ~0000505

Last edited: 2010-01-25 12:27

I did some more investigations and saw that when upsyncing a private event from outlook through funambol the c_classification field in the postgres table is set to 0. Should it not be 1 for a private event or are there other fields to consider?

Is there a description out there of the table fields?

What is strange is that the event is still marked as private in Person A webcalendar although Person B can see it though. So I guess it is rather a funambol/sogo connector problem than a web calendar issue.



2010-02-17 15:55

administrator   ~0000591

This has been fixed - the access class is now honored by the Funambol SOGo Connector. The fix will soon be pushed to the Funambol's Forge SVN server.

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