Released 2014-06-19
0002828: [Web Calendar] Calendar print view does not wrap long words in event list (acloutier)
0002823: [Backend Address Book] Collected Address Book now appears on all iPhones (acloutier)
0002829: [Web Calendar] Multiple all-day events are not completely displayed in calendar print view (acloutier)
0001948: [Web Calendar] RFE: New calendar view; place all events for one selected calendar in one column. (ludovic)
0002760: [Web Calendar] Display number of open tasks in calendar view (ludovic)
0002810: [ActiveSync] ActiveSync gb2312 mail charset problem (ludovic)
0002814: [Web Calendar] exception accessing calendar view (ludovic)
0002734: [ActiveSync] mails are not removed from device when outside of the date range to be downloaded (ludovic)
0002825: [Backend General] SOGoCacheGCSObject: column definition of c_type (tinyint) cannot store ActiveSyncGlobalCacheObject (ludovic)
0002736: [Web Calendar] entering appointments creates "empty" appointment on January 1st 1970 (ludovic)
0002799: [Documentation] No documentation for SOGoSubscriptionFolderFormat (francis)
0002811: [Web Mail] Web Mail cannot "Save All" Attachments (francis)
0002805: [ActiveSync] Missing replied body on reply (ludovic)
0002801: [Web Calendar] Short names of subscribed calendars (francis)
0002809: [Web Mail] Chinese charset messy code (ludovic)
0002806: [ActiveSync] sogod crash (signal 6) when unflagging a mail (ludovic)
0002808: [ActiveSync] cannot open attachments on old AS clients (ludovic)
0002807: [ActiveSync] Contact photo not synced (ludovic)
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