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0003116SOGoActiveSyncpublic2015-02-26 21:01
Reporteralessice Assigned Toludovic  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Platform[Client] AppleOSiOSOS Version7
Product Version2.2.16 
Fixed in Version2.2.17 
Summary0003116: Wrong charset in non UTF-8 email

In iPhone/iPad with an ActiveSync account email, when a message has charset different from UTF-8 and characters like "è à °" is not displayed correctly.

Wrong charset as present in header:

This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=windows-1252; format=flowed
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-15; format=flowed
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit

In the Sogo webmail interfaces all works fine. For info, in apache/sogo.conf I found AddDefaultCharset UTF-8.

Steps To Reproduce

Send an email with charset type iso-8859-15, insert in the message characters as "è à °" and view in iOS7 via ActiveSync.

Additional Information

In the preview of the the messagge is displayed correctly, but when you tap for read characters are replcaed with "???".

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2015-02-24 21:14

reporter   ~0008229

Can you please attach EML version of a message exposing the problem.



2015-02-24 21:25


error1.eml (2,269 bytes)


2015-02-24 21:27

reporter   ~0008230




2015-02-25 19:28

reporter   ~0008233

The problem is not iphone specific.
It can occur with any EAS client requesting a bodypreference->type= 4(MIME) in case the email charset!=utf-8 and the content-transfer-encoding=8bit.

The attached patch would fix the issue for mail with content-transfer-encoding=8bit, but maybe it would be better to sanitize any mail when type=4 is requested.



2015-02-25 19:29


3116.diff (1,017 bytes)   
diff --git a/ActiveSync/SOGoMailObject+ActiveSync.m b/ActiveSync/SOGoMailObject+ActiveSync.m
index 23bb214..7386bc1 100644
--- a/ActiveSync/SOGoMailObject+ActiveSync.m
+++ b/ActiveSync/SOGoMailObject+ActiveSync.m
@@ -469,9 +469,10 @@ struct GlobalObjectId {
   else if (theType == 4)
-      // We sanitize the content *ONLY* for Outlook clients. Outlook has strange issues
+      // We sanitize the content *ONLY* for Outlook clients and if the content-transfer-encoding is 8bit. Outlook has strange issues
       // with quoted-printable/base64 encoded text parts. It just doesn't decode them.
-      if ([[context objectForKey: @"DeviceType"] isEqualToString: @"WindowsOutlook15"])
+      encoding = [[self lookupInfoForBodyPart: @""] objectForKey: @"encoding"];
+      if ([[context objectForKey: @"DeviceType"] isEqualToString: @"WindowsOutlook15"] || ([encoding caseInsensitiveCompare: @"8bit"] == NSOrderedSame))
         d = [self _sanitizedMIMEMessage];
         d = [self content];
3116.diff (1,017 bytes)   


2015-02-26 16:30

administrator   ~0008234

I don't think the patch is good.

Outlook will only accept email with MIME parts in 8-bits. If you return the parts base64-encoded or quoted-printable-encoded, it'll display them incorrectly.

Moreover, the EAS response we send must be all using the same encoding, UTF-8. You can't specify a per-message encoding, as the whole EAS response (XML blob -> WBXML blob) HAS to use the same one.



2015-02-26 17:10

reporter   ~0008235

The patch doesn't change anything for outlook.
It adds the call to _sanitizedMIMEMessage->_sanitizedMIMEPart for 8bit encoded mails which re-encodes the mail to utf-8.

Currently _sanitizedMIMEMessage is called ONLY for outlook when type=4(MIME) is requested. Maybe it should be called in any case for type=4 requests and not only (as suggested in the patch) for 8bit encoded mail, because the condition might not work for multipart mails.



2015-02-26 20:57

administrator   ~0008236

I actually misread your patch - I thought you had a && instead of a || on your condition.



2015-02-26 21:01

administrator   ~0008237

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