Released 2010-07-21
0000678: [Web Calendar] All day events span two days in month view (wsourdeau)
0000612: [Backend General] Debian Packages of Production Version (wsourdeau)
0000657: [Web Calendar] Publishing of public URLS (wsourdeau)
0000581: [Backend General] Updating sogo in debian does not restart sogo (wsourdeau)
0000675: [SOPE] SOGoProfileURL parsed incorrectly after Ubuntu upgrade 9.10 -> 10.04 (ludovic)
0000650: [Web Calendar] Creator of new event do not see his own free/busy matrix in the "Invite Attendees" window (francis)
0000629: [Web Mail] Special caracters in folder name issues (francis)
0000674: [Web Address Book] Birthday date validation in JavaScript (francis)
0000679: [Backend General] Documentation Example Incorrect (francis)
0000666: [Web Mail] Enable spell-checking option in CKEditor (francis)
0000673: [Web Preferences] sieve filters aren't installed if there's a syntax error in the mail transfert dialog (francis)
0000671: [Web Mail] Sogod crashed when italian language is selected (ludovic)
0000661: [Backend Calendar] fetching webcalendars in HTTPS requires SSL.bundle (ludovic)
0000620: [Backend Mail] bare LFs on messages with attachments (ludovic)
0000647: [Web Mail] malformated - multipart message encoding (wsourdeau)
0000058: [Backend Mail] Special message make sogod crash (wsourdeau)
0000607: [Web General] Force the language of the Web interface (francis)
0000596: [Backend General] sogo-tool help (ludovic)
0000465: [Backend Address Book] TRUE in Ldap filters are replaced with YES, leading to invalid ldap search expression (ludovic)
0000622: [Web Mail] multiple recipients in the same 'to:' field results in broken message (francis)
0000605: [Backend General] memcached package preventing libevent update on RHEL5 (francis)
0000349: [Web Address Book] regression: pressing "return" does not save the current list/card (francis)
0000115: [Web Calendar] Web interface should provide .ics and caldav links (ludovic)
0000085: [Web Calendar] retrieve a .ics with http get (ludovic)
0000468: [Web General] long tabs are displayed improperly in short windows (ludovic)
0000055: [Web Calendar] managing availability timeframes in invitations (ludovic)
0000008: [Web Calendar] Edit event's category (ludovic)
0000637: [Web Calendar] Show location in web calendar main view without click (wsourdeau)
0000631: [Web Mail] Remember columns sort (francis)
0000010: [Web Mail] remember the width of columns (francis)
0000009: [Web Mail] Column names scrolls along with the list of mails (ludovic)
0000162: [Backend Calendar] setting of free/busy option for calendars (ludovic)
0000606: [Backend General] typo in german locale (ludovic)
0000613: [Web Calendar] Event Category Color
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