Released 2019-02-21
0000850: [Web Address Book] Changes on card should reported on list (ludovic)
0004661: [Web Address Book] Contact: When adding new group to connect the groupname ist replaced by "[object Object]" (francis)
0004617: [Web Address Book] contacts group (ludovic)
0004301: [Web Address Book] Changes in a contact member of a group are not propagated (ludovic)
0004460: [Web Mail] Sent folder: sent messages cannot be replied to their BCC email addresses (ludovic)
0004630: [Web Calendar] External mail-notification when I modify my calendar (francis)
0004468: [GUI] CAS Authentication - CAS Session expiration handling with SOGo V3 - CORS (francis)
0004035: [Apple iPhone OS] Can't login to web front end (francis)
0004660: [i18n] html lang attribute fixed to en (francis)
0004654: [i18n] Missing word translation on PreferencesUI (francis)
0004651: [Web Mail] Missing world translation on MailerUI (francis)
0004539: [Backend Calendar] 'Show time as free' time conflict warning (francis)
0004642: [Web Mail] no show list of recipients (BCC) (francis)
0004640: [Web Address Book] Link of new created address book is "Not found" (francis)
0004659: [GUI] Cannot view emails in the GUI (server side exception is thrown) (ludovic)
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