Released 2017-03-24
0004097: [Web Mail] pasting multiple email addresses on To: results in a single email (francis)
0004046: [Web Mail] SOGo duplicates emails on refresh (francis)
0003905: [Apple Calendar (Mac OS X)] Organizer Missing in VCALENDAR Objects (ludovic)
0004028: [Web Address Book] LDAP Entries with multiple Organization fails (francis)
0004043: [GUI] Editing Mails in Draft folder not possible (francis)
0004023: [Web Calendar] Make free/busy function more visible (francis)
0004064: [Web Preferences] Web Preferences not reflecting SOGoMailAddOutgoingAddresses system preferences (francis)
0004080: [Web Calendar] impossible to change END-time of appointment via mouse (francis)
0004095: [Web Address Book] "Save" icon remains disabled after deleting an information (francis)
0003944: [Web Mail] Mail copies are not sent when CC recipients are entered at the end (francis)
0004087: [Web Preferences] Connection Error on saving sieve filter with flags (francis)
0004033: [ActiveSync] Event with Time shown as free in Outlook not work right (ludovic)
0004067: [GUI] short "Not Found" message when Calendar is disabled (francis)
0004072: Typo found while translating (francis)
0004071: [Web Mail] Error while adding attachments in contacts (francis)
0004063: [Web Mail] Can't attach more than one file / Can't attach file after removing an attachment (francis)
0004058: [Web Mail] can't delete attachment (francis)
0004053: [Web Mail] SOGoMailAutoSave not working as a system preference (francis)
0002425: [Web Mail] Invalid "no recipient" warning when sending mail with CAS authentication (ludovic)
0001456: [Backend General] CAS Authentication : CAS session timeout leads to bad parameters when adding a new appointment (ludovic)
0004038: [Web Mail] Printing email will print the "write" green button (francis)
0004041: [i18n] Missing Translation of Folder Names (francis)
0004040: [Backend Mail] INBOX not translated (francis)
0004039: [Web Preferences] Can't click op save after removing a category in preferences: addressbook (francis)
0004036: [GUI] ACL not editable when using Safari (francis)
0003778: [Backend Calendar] set defaults for SOGoEnablePublicAccess (ludovic)
0003749: [Backend Calendar] SOGoCalendarDefaultRoles and Outlook Free/Busy (ludovic)
0003992: [Backend Calendar] Double mailto: when creating an event with invitees in another calendar (ludovic)
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