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0004262SOGoWeb Mailpublic2017-08-25 15:48
Reporterppjet Assigned Tofrancis  
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Product Version3.2.10 
Fixed in Version4.0.0 
Summary0004262: Html entities escaped twice in links on web mail

I got a report from a user that a link was broken when reading his email with sogo.

Steps To Reproduce
  • someone sends you an email containing a link, with the latter consisting of properly escaped reserved symbol(s). Something like:
    <a href="...&..."

  • as you open the email with Sogo Web Client, the & will be escaped again
    <a href="...&amp;..."

  • the browser will correctly revert one of these leaving the user with
    <a href="...&..."

Which depending on the website may or may not do the right thing.

Additional Information

Note: Not 100% sure if there isn't anything else in the email that would trigger the bug. I experienced it by:

  • open my gmail account, go to -> personal info -> emails -> alternate emails -> add email
  • open the verification email from the web client and observe the issue
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duplicate of 0004242 resolvedfrancis Links with & replaced with & 




2017-08-25 15:36

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Hmm, the bug tracker actually ate my entities..

Here is the original text, maybe somebody can edit the issue meaningfully somehow?



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Browsers versions being used:

chromium: 60.0.3112.90-1
firefox: 54.0.1-1

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