Released 2014-02-24
0002598: [Web Calendar] Script injection in calendar title (francis)
0000202: [Web Mail] More visibility for attachments (francis)
0002437: [Web Mail] pictures in emails are loaded and displayed, despite preference set to "Never" (francis)
0002613: [Web Calendar] Week view broken after switching months in month view (francis)
0002350: [Web Address Book] Display of list content is too small (francis)
0002481: [Web Mail] Webmailer loses content from body when forwarding (francis)
0002411: [Web Mail] Inline forwarding can truncate text from original message (francis)
0002453: [Web Mail] Forward email doesn't put signature above the original text (francis)
0001495: [Web Mail] Web Mail cannot "Save All" Attachments (francis)
0002486: [Web Address Book] when text is entered in field "NOTE" the field birthday is displayed with the date of the day if it was empty (francis)
0002503: [Web Address Book] If I add a note to a contact the "Birthday" is filled with the date of today. (francis)
0002604: [Web Address Book] Web site not displayed (francis)
0002535: [Backend Calendar] Calendar Mail invitation scored as SPAM due to missing "Message ID" field (francis)
0002233: [Web Calendar] sogo message sent when modifying calendar is not properly displayed on Microsoft Outlook (francis)
0002507: [Web Mail] HTML mail unnecessarily escaped tags (francis)
0002502: [Backend Calendar] Wrong handling of ACLs on shared calendars with 2 Groups (francis)
0001854: [Backend Calendar] Order of ACLs unclear and can't be changed (francis)
0002597: [i18n] Wrong Slovak localized string for "SentFolderName" (francis)
0002516: [Backend Calendar] Auto create of mysql calendar table fails with mysql: 5.6.10 and 5.6.14 (francis)
0001950: [Web Calendar] When deleting multiple selected events of recurring events the events are deleted instead of the selected instances. (francis)
0002565: [Web Calendar] autocomplete when inviting shows duplicates without free/busy (francis)
0002560: [Web Calendar] resources with multiplebooking >1 are busy after one booking (francis)
0001613: [Web Calendar] Drag'n'drop: no alert dialog when a conflict occurs (francis)
0002414: [Backend Mail] HTML formatted body is compiled by the client to be entirely on the same line (francis)
0002557: [Web Calendar] creating new event with mouse context menu uses wrong day (francis)
0002569: [Web Preferences] IMAP folder names aren't correctly encoded in the sieve 'fileinto' list (ludovic)
0002583: [Web Address Book] Subscribing to another user's addressbook yields empty addressbook (francis)
0002584: [Web Preferences] Incorrect french translation in error message in auto-reply message (francis)
0002577: [Packaging (RedHat)] Missing RPM install dependency to tmpwatch (jraby)
0002531: [Web Preferences] Can't edit some preferences when mail module is disabled (francis)
0002512: [Web Mail] Display problem with HTML Signatures send from SOGo (francis)
0001284: [Web Mail] Add multiple attachement at once (ludovic)
0002618: [Backend General] UIDField is not encoded when cached (ludovic)
0000169: [Web Mail] if a mail is in draft mode, attachment cannot be openend (ludovic)
0001106: [Web Mail] Performance: upload of attachments should start automatically (ludovic)
0001221: [Web Mail] Expand attachment window (ludovic)
0001285: [Web Mail] Drag and Drop attachment (ludovic)
0002529: [Backend Mail] Problème when sending mail with SOGo mail and Internet Explorer 7 (ludovic)
0002544: [Documentation] bad name on the cleanup script in the documentation (ludovic)
0002566: [SOPE] fixes compilation warnings in sope-core/NGExtensions (ludovic)
0002554: [SOPE] fix compilation warnings in sope-core/NGExtensions/EOExt (ludovic)
0002553: [SOPE] fix compilation warnings in sope-core/NGExtensions/FdExt (ludovic)
0002551: [SOPE] some format string fixes for sope-core/EOControl (ludovic)
0002550: [SOPE] more format string fixes for sax-xml (ludovic)
0002549: [SOPE] fix some format strings in sope-xml (ludovic)
0002587: [OpenChange backend] libmemcached errors (ludovic)
0002543: [Web General] Using double equal or double minus truncates event name (ludovic)
0002505: [Web Calendar] Event "Title" containing equal sign shown empty (ludovic)
0002187: [Backend Address Book] Simplyfy searches and autocompletion (ludovic)
0002509: [Backend Calendar] REPORT not shown on OPTIONS request (ludovic)
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