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0003770SOGo Connectorwith SOGopublic2016-10-11 15:27
ReporterSchroedingersCat Assigned Toludovic  
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
PlatformPCOSUbuntu & WindowsOS Version16.04 & XP&all?
Fixed in Version31.0.4 
Summary0003770: Contacts cannot be synced anymore if category is edited through context menu

Using Thunderbird 45 and SoGo Connector 31.0.3, as soon as you edit (remove or add) a category on a CardDav contact, that specific contact never gets synced anymore with the server, meaning SoGo won't pull updates from the server and neither will it finish pushing updates. This is the error message from the console:
Upload failure uploading card: https://serveraddress/card.php/addressbooks/User/test/C726ABF9-8FD0-0001-68EC-9BC212DA18DD.vcf.
HTTP Status Code:412

  • card properties:
    0 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: DisplayName; value: Diese Kontakt is futsch
    1 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: RecordKey; value: 2
    2 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: PreferMailFormat; value: 0
    3 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: DbRowID; value: 3
    4 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: groupDavVersionPrev; value: "c1b2326e235d3989198de847afc49b6d"
    5 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: PopularityIndex; value: 0
    6 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: PhotoType; value: generic
    7 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: LastModifiedDate; value: 1468939917
    8 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: FirstName; value: Diese Kontakt is futsch
    9 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: groupDavKey; value: C726ABF9-8FD0-0001-68EC-9BC212DA18DD.vcf
    10 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: CardUID; value: C726ABF9-8FD0-0001-68EC-9BC212DA18DD.vcf
    11 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: Categories; value: BRUMM
    12 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: groupDavVersion; value: -1
    13 prop: [xpconnect wrapped nsIProperty]; name: PreferDisplayName; value: 1
  • done

The only solution is to remove the contact from the addressbook, remove all it's categories und move it back to the addressbook. This makes working with categories completely impossible. Plus this bug does not trigger any warning to the user so the user won't be aware that his contacts are diverging for weeks!
Editing categories directly via double click on the contact does not trigger this bug, but doesn't allow for mass-editing categories.

Also, this bug makes the use of the extension "Category Manager" (1.62) impossible, because as soon as you activate that extension, all you contacts with categories become unsyncable.

Steps To Reproduce
  1. Install Thunderbird 45.2.0
  2. Install SoGo Connector 31.0.3
  3. Add a CardDav Addressbook into Thunderbird
  4. Create a new contact
  5. Check on another CardDav client if that contact got synced (it should)
  6. Back to Thunderbird, change something on that contact and add a category to it by directly editing the contact (don't use the context menu to add a category!)
  7. Check on another CardDav client if the contact changes got synced (they should)
  8. Back to Thunderbird, change something on that contact and add a category to it through the context menu this time
  9. Check on another CardDav client. Your changes didn't get synced. That is the bug. Change something on your alternate CardDav client and head back to Thunderbird, your change won't get synced back to Thunderbird either.
  10. On Thunderbird, open the error console (Ctrl+Shift+J on Linux) to see the error message from the description each time to trigger a sync in Thunderbird.
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related to 0003831 new Precondition failed - HTTP Status Code:412 




2016-07-21 19:29

administrator   ~0010513

I can reproduce the issue - we'll fix it.



2016-07-22 18:42

administrator   ~0010521

Fixed with:

Please try the nightly xpi:

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