Released 2012-09-28
0002014: [Web Mail] Formatting errors (francis)
0000724: [Web Address Book] No batch delete in AddressBook module (lcharland)
0002011: [Web Calendar] Event info box misplaced in day view (lcharland)
0002010: [Web Calendar] Organizer email address is not clickable in read-only invitation (francis)
0002004: [OpenChange backend] scalability: the fetching of mailboxes should fetch mail content bodies in batch (wsourdeau)
0001872: [OpenChange backend] scalability: the sync process uses too much memory at once, leading to crashes with large mailboxes (wsourdeau)
0001515: [Web Calendar] Task View is very basic (lcharland)
0002005: [OpenChange backend] scalability: the fetching of entries of the indexing.tdb file takes too much time (wsourdeau)
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