Released 2011-09-01
0001422: [Web Mail] listing sous-dossier
0001478: [Web Calendar] Inviting an LDAP group doesn't work (francis)
0000411: [Web Address Book] No distinct icon for contacts lists (wsourdeau)
0001442: [Backend Calendar] Improper escaping of apostrophes ' (francis)
0001438: [Web Mail] Hidden messages in Firefox by using target="_blank" attribute (francis)
0001039: [Web Mail] cyrus - "Fatal error: word too long" when deleting a lot of messages (francis)
0001457: [Apple iPhone OS] iPhone 5 GM missing calendars (ludovic)
0001399: [Web Mail] Bug andd Bugfix: Create new Mail -- Split of E-Mail-Address broken (francis)
0001426: [Web Mail] Somtimes wrong email list is displayed (francis)
0001428: [Web Mail] web URL in angle brackets not usable (francis)
0001427: [Web Mail] URLs in angle brackets get additional semicolon in display (francis)
0001443: [Web Mail] Signature link is not there (fresh users) (francis)
0001419: [Web Address Book] Drop Down field to assign a contact to categories doesn't work (francis)
0001420: [Backend Mail] Missing translation classes (francis)
0001096: [Backend Calendar] iCal from Mac OS X 10.6 - can't move events between calendars - CalDAVMoveEntityQueueableOperation (ludovic)
0001425: [Backend Mail] Email is displayed with incorrect subject "Untitled" and body "untitled(0)"
0001242: [Backend Calendar] Setting of all ACL to None (ludovic)
0001400: [SOPE] unhandled exception in OGo with sope/gnustep-base combination
0001405: [SOPE] random segfault due to off by one triggered from OGo in NGHttpHeaderFieldParser.m
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