Released 2016-10-03
0003551: [Web Preferences] Changing Sender Mail Address in Web Preferences Is Never Applied (francis)
0003774: [ActiveSync] Sogo AES not reporting outlook about SMTP code '554' (ludovic)
0003822: [ActiveSync] Recurring events with timezones are not on the correct time in Outlook (ludovic)
0003771: [Web Calendar] unable to edit short meetings (francis)
0003823: [Web Calendar] Selecting from date in web calendar event is not reliable (francis)
0003815: [Web Mail] Nightly Mouse selection on mail address autocomplete broken since commit 67258fe (francis)
0003816: [GUI] Category colors missing (francis)
0001467: [Web Mail] selecting messages with the keyboard doesn't work (ludovic)
0003554: [Web Mail] Selecting messages with the keyboard doesn't work (ludovic)
0001711: [Web Mail] Multiple selections with keyboard in webmail module is not working (ludovic)
0003817: [Web Mail] Multi-Selection in E-Mail and Contacts (ludovic)
0002867: [Backend General] ACL caching with LDAP Groups (francis)
0000708: [Web Mail] SOGoMailListViewColumnsOrder uuid (imap unique identifiers) (ludovic)
0003791: [ActiveSync] Outlook 2016 stopped syncing emails (ludovic)
0003182: [Backend Mail] Allow stripping "smtp:" prefix from proxyAddresses ldap attribute in MailFieldNames (ludovic)
0003801: [ActiveSync] Activesync parse of xml document error with ampersand (&) in contact name (ludovic)
0000255: [Web Mail] IMAP folders subscriptions management (ludovic)
0003808: [Web General] Login-Screen: Green overlay when login with empty username/password (francis)
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