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0005275SOGoWeb Preferencespublic2021-03-15 16:19
Reportermarius.vongunten Assigned Tofrancis  
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Product Version5.0.1 
Fixed in Version5.1.0 
Summary0005275: I want to configure "Always open mail composer Inside current window" inside sogo.conf for new users.

I want to configure "Always open mail composer Inside current window" inside sogo.conf for new users, just like SOGoRefreshViewCheck = every_minute;
An Option for "Enable Desktop Notifications" would be great too.

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search the documentation -> unable to find the option.

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2021-03-15 11:58

administrator   ~0015143

SOGoMailComposeWindow = inline;

As you said, this will only apply to new users. For an existing user, you need to use sogo-tool.



2021-03-15 16:00

reporter   ~0015146

Thank you very much :)

As I'm not able to find this option here:

Is there a place with a more complete documentation?



2021-03-15 16:19

administrator   ~0015149

I've update the installation guide with this parameter.

You can always refer to SOGoDefaults.plist to see the default values, but it doesn't include the optional parameters (such as SOGoMailComposeWindow).

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sogo: master a4d9549f

2021-03-15 12:17


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docs: add SOGoMailComposeWindow parameter

Fixes 0005275
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